Basalt wines

Basalt and the wines of Stefan Krispel are inextricably linked. You can taste the basalt in many of his wines, as basalt is present throughout the soil of the Vulkanland region. To produce the ‘B1’, the wine is brought into direct contact with basalt. “B1” is a blend that is fermented and aged on the skins in basalt stone troughs – a type of winemaking patented by Stefan Krispel.. This reduces the tannin content and adds scope to the wine. This long aging process gives the ‘B1’ an extract-rich complexity and animation.

“The Krispels” is another blend of Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon and Pinot Gris that is aged for a short time in the basaltic stone troughs. It can be said to encapsulate the history of the family, the philosophy of the gourmet estate when it comes to wine, the location and the basalt landscape of the Vulkanland Steiermark region.

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