the Krispels

Enjoyment, quality, a certain kind of wellbeing and a holistic outlook – these are characteristics that are part of the genetic inheritance of the Krispels. Toni Krispel put the basics in place that his son has since built on. Krispel is unique, whether it comes to their wines, their woolly pigs, their KostBar or their theatre of pleasure.

Portrait Stefan Krispel

Stefan Krispel
The family man, the visionary and the finest palate. Proud father, realizes his ideas, breaks new ground and also makes the wine.

Krispel Portrait Julia Krispel

Julia Krispel

The backbone of the estate. Takes care of the valuable employees, organizes the family and the estate.

Portrait Daniela Krispel

Daniela Krispel

Mastress of numbers, of accounting and girl for everything. Nothing works in the office without her.

Portrait Toni Krispel

Toni Krispel

Founder of the estate and master of the woolly pigs. Initiated the renaissance of this old breed of pigs.

Portrait Lisa Krispel

Lisa Krispel
The chef of dessert. She rocks the whisk creatively and precisely. Our “Patissière of the year 2023“ by Gault-Millau.

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