Stefan Krispel
and his wines

A unique wine. You can taste it sip by sip. You can taste the soil, the sun, the landscape and the passion at work. Every sip makes the soil and the climate more noticeable, makes the wine more extraordinary. A jewel, a treasure. In just a few years, Stefan Krispel has become one of the most charismatic winemakers in Austria. His single vineyard wines are known far beyond the borders.

At the age of 18 I was responsible for the first harvest at home. It was an amazing experience that gave me a lot of ideas about the different ways of making wine. It happened to me – the passion for wine was fully kindled. Since then I always wanted to do my best. And now my consistent attitude is bearing fruit and I’m one step closer to my goal of making the perfect wine.

Stefan Krispel


The new Austrian regional typicity system (DAC) that was introduced in 2018 brought with it clearly defined rules with regard to origin labelling and production of Styrian wines and has helped emphasise the characteristics of the various regions.

A wine that comes from the Vulkanland Steiermark region is guaranteed not only to be made from grapes grown here but also to be of high quality as a result of 100% manual harvesting and sufficient ageing in cellars.
The nine standard grape varieties typical for Styria are now offered in three qualities that define origin – ‘Gebiet – Ort – Riede’, i.e. regional, village and single vineyard.
Other quality wines bear the seal ‘Steiermark Weine’ and these are made by Stefan Krispel in accordance with the quality rules outlined above.

In June 2021, a group of winemakers of this Styrian volcanic growing region, the ‘Eruptionswinzer’, decided to get together to have their own vineyard quality classification system registered under private law. Quality was assessed for the first time in Austria by an external certification institute. The prestigious LACON GmbH classified the vineyards of the Eruptionswinzer in the categories ‘Erste Lage’ (Premier Cru) and ‘Grosse Lage’ (Grand Cru).

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