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We can talk about wine and pork – just you try and start the most delightful kind of education! Book our gourmet adventure tour and explore the tasty world of the Krispels. In addition to our gourmet adventure tour (with tour guide and only with prior registration), there is also the discovery tour (without tour guide) for those who decide quickly.

Our gourmet adventure tour with tour guide

Only possible with prior registration!

Duration of the tour: 45 minutes
Price from 6 people: € 15.00 per person
Price for up to 5 people: flat rate for € 90.00

Our discovery tour without a tour guide

For those who decide quickly.

Visiting stations::

Station 2: piggery
Stations 4 and 5: Cellar view
Station 10: Neusetzer bacon saturation room
Station 9: Basalt wine cellar
Duration of the discovery tour: approx. 20 minutes
Price: free

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